Perpetual Fire

Noora invites her readers on a trip down memory lane. She leads you to an ethereal place where the wildflowers bloom, birds preach about what-ifs and used-to-bes, and a ghost choir serenades overplayed love songs. She reminisces about the moments of falling in love in the most intimate way, dwells in nostalgia, and shares the darkest places love has ever taken her.

Perpetual Fire is a passionate story of discovering your inner fire and understanding that even though muses and lovers fuel your flame; only you are responsible for your own blaze.

The collection is for those who are brave enough to love deeply, madly, and authentically – although love can throw you from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, and sometimes even in a blink of an eye.

Available for purchase on,,,,,,, and or directly from me for 10 € + shipping.

Cover: Teija Härmäaho / Moodphoto.

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