Perpetual Fire is out now!

Cover: Teija Härmäaho,

My debut poetry collection, Perpetual Fire, is out now! 

Perpetual Fire is a passionate story of discovering your inner fire and understanding that even though muses and lovers fuel your flame; only you are responsible for your own blaze.

The collection is for those who are brave enough to love deeply, madly, and authentically – although love can throw you from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, and sometimes even in a blink of an eye.

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The book consists of 30 poems. My poetry touches on love & intimacy, heartache & longing, nostalgia, toxic relationships and self-empowerment. 

I’m so proud of myself for writing a book in my second language. This was such a personal project for me, but the feedback I’ve received from the WordPress community encouraged me to put it out there for everyone to read. Thank you for your continuous support over the years.

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I Started This Fire

I take the blame,

I started this fire
but I come alive
when I imagine your shallow
almost desperate breath
on my mouth.

I may look harmless
from where you are standing,
but if you would dive
into my untamed waters
you would drown
in wild energy.

Peace is my power,
but there will always be
a part of me
longing for a muse
that will devour me
in one piece,
and spit me out

I take the blame,

I started this fire
but I live and love
for the sake of poetry,

and I come alive
when you speak to me
with that tone.

© Noora (2021)


Skin on skin
yet not close enough
Breathing you in
until you vanish
like mist
on forgotten valleys
where birds preach about
what-ifs and used-to-be’s,
where the crescent moon
reminds me of
how your hands loved me
before the dawn,
where a ghost choir
overplayed love songs,
where loneliness
embraces me


© Noora (07/2015)


Roots Intertwined


Maybe we were trees
in our former life:

side by side,
roots deeply tangled,
branches barely touching,
and when the moon
performed its sonata
our leaves sang
the same melody.

and runaways
found a safe haven
from our shelter

Seasons changed,
people changed,
yet we were always
growing together
in love and beauty

side by side.

Perhaps then
we decided that
we would be poets
in this life,
growing together
in love and beauty.

seasons have changed,
people have changed,
and even we are no longer the same

our roots still lie
in fertile soil.

© Noora

Where the Wildflowers Bloom

walk with me
where the wildflowers bloom

Lie beside me
beneath the irresistible sky
point out the constellations
you wish to fly to
and I will take you there –
the star chart is printed
on your skin

I will trace my fingertips
across the beauty
I read like braille


at the loveliest places
in order to forget
the world
but never you

until the wildflowers begin to wither
in summer’s long farewell

walk with me
to where all our journeys end.

Poetry in the Air

Finally in my arms
far away in a dreamland
yet in my deepest reality

my promised land
waiting to be explored
much more beautiful
than any of those dreamy dawns
my yearning heart painted
with poetic words
and shades of purple
when we still dreamed of the sunrise
on separate sides of the ocean
that does not divide
but unites
our islands
in love

On this night of wonders
I lay my lips on yours
just to capture your smile
so that I can carry it with me
to wherever this journey takes us

A peaceful rest drifts over me
and I surrender
under the covers of something
unconditional, eternal, and safe

I have nothing to wish for anymore –

there is poetry in the air tonight.

© Noora (2011)


in the afterglow,
lying here
in our memories

reminiscing how it felt to be
an inspiration for your creative fingertips;
how I melted like soft clay
in the hands of a dedicated sculptor
as you made me
your secret masterpiece,
and yours alone I still am
in the afterglow of our love

how it felt to unfold you
with my love, one layer at a time
or how my hopeful lips stole your breath
and made it ours
in the kiss of truths and expectations

and still tonight
I breathe our love
when I escape to the place
where yesterday’s spark still flames
where unwritten poems
sensuously moan,
where you stay
with me
in the afterglow

© Noora