Where the Wildflowers Bloom

walk with me
where the wildflowers bloom

Lie beside me
beneath the irresistible sky
point out the constellations
you wish to fly to
and I will take you there –
the star chart is printed
on your skin

I will trace my fingertips
across the beauty
I read like braille


at the loveliest places
in order to forget
the world
but never you

until the wildflowers begin to wither
in summer’s long farewell

walk with me
to where all our journeys end.

48 thoughts on “Where the Wildflowers Bloom

  1. Bless your sense of intimacy and overflowing heart, the beauty that flows from your heart as naturally as the sun gives light.

    To have walked that road is to have become that source where all begin and end, from whence all overflow.


  2. Lie beside me
    Beneath the irresistible sky

    Noora, what a delicious image this is,’ the irresistible sky’
    and then tracing your fingertips across the star chart….
    and that could we all spend an infinite time with our lovers.
    just beautiful poetry, ty.


      1. Noora, wherever you write, i will be there to read. reading these words unlocked mine, i was having trouble beginning a poem the other day and this poem sparked some images that i needed. just wanted you to know, ty.


  3. Beautiful!I really felt like I was invited to a wonderfull place, where sentiments live with honesty,passion and rawnes and I would’ve gladly went there without looking back. Gorgeous imagery and metaphors!


  4. I will trace my fingertips
    Across the beauty
    I read like braille


    At the loveliest places
    In order to forget
    The world
    But never you

    Superb! The way you write and feel is so unique


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